snow scoopIt (snow scoop) is more than enough for our northern Indiana winters and I can clean my drive faster than my neighbors with blowers.
--Gene, Indiana

A snow scoop is one of the wonders of the world. You never have to lift any of the snow, just load the scoop up to overflowing, push it over to the hillside and let it unload. It is hard to believe how much snow that you are able to move with this piece of equipment.
--Bill, Houghton, MI

The snow total was about one foot. Being so heavy, there was a lot of settling. We purchased our snow scoops for two reasons -- Lots of surface area to clean: 110 feet of driveway (1210 square feet), plus 621 square feet in front of the garage and 75 feet of city sidewalk.
--Doug & Mary, Arizona

I have been a customer for 19 years and a proud owner of a new scoop as of last winter. (Replacement for old one.)
--Bryan Reston, VA

Your product is a back saver, time saver, heart saver for anyone living in snow country! Thanks for making a wonderful product. Have been using the scoop for a couple of years and it's like driving a limousine compared to shoveling.
--Steve Accord, NY

Yooper scoopers are great tools. I have a snowblower, but I use the scoop when there's only a couple inches of snow on the driveway. It's much quicker than the snowblower. I can clear my driveway (two pickup truck lengths long and two truck widths wide) in about 5 minutes with the scoop. Scoop, dump, scoop, dump, done. No bending or lifting involved, and the snow doesn't blow back into my face.

With the snowblower, no matter where I aim the chute or which direction the wind's blowing, the snow ALWAYS ends up back in my face. It's like trying to get away from campfire smoke. You just can't avoid it. For this reason alone, the Yooper scooper is wonderful.
--CK, Michigan

I easily persuaded my wife to let me mail order a Silver Bear snow scoop last year, especially given that the alternatives are a broken back or a smoke-spewing, gas-guzzling, big $$$ snow blower. Down here in West Michigan I get lots of rubberneckers when I'm out clearing my driveway!
--John, Michigan

Yesterday after the snow plow came I went outside to clear my driveway with my Silver Bear Snow Scoop. Before I started, 3 neighbors had already started clearing their driveways with their snow blowers. When I was all done and back in the house the 3 neighbors were still clearing with their snow blowers. From my vantage angle I couldn't see how much 2 of them had left to do, but the guy across the street wasn't quite HALF done yet. (And no, he didn't go in and take a break, he was clearing all the time.) And I'm an old guy who's had a heart attack.

PS My 93-year old mother-in-law STILL uses the Women's one I gave her 20 years ago to clear her sidewalk.

I've been a satisfied user of your snow scoop products for about 27 years. I used a medium scoop for about 20 years until the metal on the front of the scoop started to wear away from sliding on the concrete. I replaced it with a new large (which I use) plus a small (which my wife uses).

I had a heart attack a couple of years ago and the docs cautioned against clearing snow, citing the numerous numbers of heart attacks (and repeat heart attacks) folks have while clearing snow, that the arms are not efficient when converting oxygen into energy, that in cold folks aren't sensitive to how hard they are working, etc etc etc. In the middle of the summer, my daughter took some pictures of me scooping 'simulated snow' with your snow scoop to show them that there's no lifting, only pushing. They finally agreed to let me try it which I did while using my heart rate monitor (which while strapped around my chest sends heart rate measurements to my monitor watch which records my heart rate over time). Even with a heavy wet 12" snow, while scooping the driveway with your snow scoop my heart rate never gets above 60% max HR … not even enough to be considered aerobic exercise. So, now the docs are fine with me clearing my driveway with your scoop; I think it's easier than using a snow blower. Anyway, I'm glad to hear the business has been taken over by someone who will keep it going so I'll be able to get replacements for my snow scoops in a few years when they wear out. (I've tried a couple of imitators, they simply don't work as well as yours.) Keep up the good work, and feel free to use any of my words in your testimonials.
--Richard, Apple Valey, MN