roof rake

Silver Bear Roof Rakes are constructed of galvanized steel. Our roof rakes are the most durable rakes you will find. The blade features the same strong aluminum that enables you to clear heavy snow easily. The rake comes with a 15-foot 3-piece easy-lock galvanized arm. Our Shingle-Saver roof rakes (below) prevent damage to your shingles while still easily removing snow.



Don't let snow build-up

Heavy snow and ice buildup can cause damage to your roof and must be removed regularly. Using a standard shovel forces you to climb onto your roof to remove the snow and ice. This work is backbreaking and potentially hazardous for you and your family. Avoid the risk of a slip and fall by keeping your feet planted safely on the ground. Our roof rake provides you with security while it reaches high and does the work for you. Prevent costly roof repairs and dangerous snow removal by using Silver Bear's Roof Rake.