Snow Scoop Shovel
The Silver Bear snow scoop easily accomodates all users and amounts of snow.

Silver Bear Snow Scoops

Don't use a shovel; your back prefers a snow scoop!

Snow scoops are: easy to use, easy on the back, economical, start every time, and require no gas.

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How do I unload the snow from the scoop?

You can tip the scoop up, like a miniature dump truck. The long handle gives you great leverage, and the snow is easily dumped out. Or you can use a quick push-pull action, like pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes.


snow scoop wheel kit

Should I get a wheel kit?

If you live outside a major snow region, we recommend a wheel kit. In major snow areas, many driveways have a mat of packed snow, and the scoop slides easily. But if you clear the snow down the pavement, then a wheel kit enables you to easily roll the snow to the curb.